A company specializing in digital market research, digital business consulting, and production, as well as a partner and representative of some of the leading technology companies in production technology and analytical tools.

Since its establishment in 2019, Videoclick has been collecting, processing, and analyzing data from social media and online platforms, providing clients with unique insights into market trends and audience habits. A team of experts conducts specialized online research and sentiment analysis across digital communication channels. Videoclick represents leading global brands in production technology and digital tools. They also educate and advise their clients on digital strategies, production processes, and technology implementation.




Ivan has gone through a media journey from being a journalist at the BBC to becoming the Editor-in-Chief and Deputy CEO of RTL Croatia. Content has always been his top priority, as evidenced by his creation of some of the most-watched and significant television shows and digital editions in Croatia over the past 15 years. For Ivan, content gives meaning to everything we do, and as the Executive Director of Videoclick, he ensures that online video brands create new value and enable monetization.

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Martin’s years of analytical experience enable him to have a deep understanding of social media and digital media data. As a Product Manager, he collects, processes, and analyzes data gathered through analytical tools. By interpreting the data, he helps clients understand the digital landscape in which they operate.