We inspire growth through understanding of data, production solutions, creative development and media experience


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Client feedback


“The data provided by Videoclick makes a significant contribution to the success of 24sata on social media. With a transparent overview of the market and trends, they enable us, as the market leader, to make timely strategic decisions that keep us one step ahead of the competition and that helps us direct our content in the best possible direction.”

Tomislav Brčić, director video & Joomboos

European News Exchange

„Videoclick’s social media data research and analysis service was our first choice due to their comprehensive approach to collecting and interpreting data from various platforms, providing valuable insights for businesses to improve their social media strategies. Their quick turnaround and customizable reporting options made it easy for us to access and understand the data.”

Adrian Wells, Managing Director

Croatian Radiotelevision

„The cooperation with Videoclick and the data they provide to HRT is very valuable for monitoring trends and editorial decision-making process. We have an excellent working relationship with the entire Videoclick team, both in day-to-day operations and in creating strategic decisions.”

Ivana Božanić, Editor-in-Chief of web portal and non-linear media services

Hrvatski Telekom

„Videoclick always has all the answers and great advice about social media. They were the first to have market data for TikTok, which helped us a lot because we, as a brand, were among the first to recognize the potential of TikTok. Videoclick is always one of the first to recognize our needs when it comes to detailed analytics, and this is exactly what drives a long-standing collaboration.”

Tihana Sedlar Krauz, Social Media & Esport project lead

Večernji list

„Videoclick provides us with a great cross-section of our results but also allows us to compare ourselves to the competition and find if we’re following the trends in video content production. For Večernji list digital brands, this is a very useful approach that facilitates the achievement of our KPIs and results.“

Anamaria Todorić, Digital Business Director


Data Analytics

Systems & Solutions

Creativity and know-how

Data Analytics

Systems & Solutions

Creativity and know-how


Videoclick provides unique insights into data, audience behaviour and trends across digital media. Advanced analytical tools and AI that we use to collect and analyse data, combined with experience and expertise, allow us to customise our services to each client’s needs and KPIs.

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About us

Videoclick is a digital market research company, digital and content production consultancy as well as a partner of some of the leading production technology companies.

Founded in 2019, Videoclick is providing its clients with insight into data from social networks and online media. The company provides services in creative development, introduces innovative editorial and production processes, and implements leading media production technologies. Videoclick advises clients for their success in the world of broadcast and digital media.