Croatian media presence in social media: Challenges and Priorities

The reach that Facebook offers to media in Croatia is still untouchable. The consolidated data for 2022 show that the media’s video content on Facebook had 166% more views than YouTube and TikTok combined. At the same time, it is important to point out that YouTube’s views have been steadily decreasing year after year so in 2022 it was overtaken by TikTok for the first time in Croatia.

The strength of TikTok is also reflected in the engagement figures, with media video content on this social medium increasing by 77% year-on-year. With these growth rates, TikTok is likely to overtake Facebook in terms of engagement achieved in 2023.

But with the production of less than 7 thousand videos published last year, Croatian media publish thirteen times fewer videos on TikTok than on Facebook and eight times fewer than on YouTube. This data best demonstrates the unrecognised and untapped potential of TikTok by Croatian media publishers.

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